A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

Oliver Wendell Holmes


Natural Beauty

Pakistan is famous for its geographical magnificence

It contains all the varieties of natural phenomena starting from rolling hills leading to towering peaks in the north. It has vast fields and rivers, towards the province of Sindh we begin to witness oceans, and finally there are vast deserts making it a complete treasury of nature’s gifts. One reason the landscape remains so enchanting is because most of it is still preserved in its rawest and most natural form. Let us not forget that Pakistan is proud to lay claim to five of the highest and most glorious mountains in the world.


Cultural Diversity & Hospitality

Pakistan is famous for its hospitality

Pakistan has four provinces, with each having its own culture, traditions, dialect and palette of food and art. 

Whether you are in one of the major cities or backpacking in the Northern areas, anyone who crosses your path will tell you all you need to know about the area and the conversation will always end in them inviting you as a guest to their house for either tea or dinner.


local handicraft

Pakistan has a rich and diverse history of handicrafts.

This country has such an abundance of craftsmen that are so marvelously skilled at producing certain goods because they have learned a particular skill from their fathers, who in turn learned it from their fathers.



Pakistan offers a variety of adventure/recreational activities

When we think about Pakistan, adventure sports is probably the last thing that comes to our mind. It’s no secret that the common misconception is that to do anything ‘cool’ one absolutely must go abroad. This, however, is where we are completely wrong. Contrary to popular beliefs, Pakistan is actually a great place for adventure sports! From extremely adventurous cliff diving, paragliding, zip lining  to a somewhat mild activity, scuba diving, rafting.

Heritage Pakistan.jpg


Pakistan's Cultural Heritage is spread over the centuries

The land where Pakistan is situated today had been a seat of world’s leading Civilizations from the time immemorial. There is plenty of evidence from the pre-historic and historic period.


Pakistan is endowed with a large number of ancient sites and historic structures.

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